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Automate life

We are creatures of habit. So why not automate those habits?

The benefits are huge (and not just for you).

Just-In-Time (JIT) Planned Purchasing lets you budget your expenditure across any time period and any product type and then ‘subscribe’ to local businesses for those products, then either pick them up or have them delivered within a 15 minute window.

From groceries to insurance, you can plan well ahead to save money and time. You get the best produce, bonus extras and credits from local suppliers who you normally shop with.

Shopster also lets you create wish lists of future purchases which other users can help find you the best deal on, saving you time and potentially lots of $$$$.

Best of all, you can earn money by going to the shops and delivering other people’s orders. Or become one of our full time drivers who have a predictable delivery schedule. No more waiting for jobs!

The benefits to you are many, but we also make life so much easier for your local businesses, as they can better plan their supply chain by having regular, predictable customers.

Shopster allows shops to create efficiencies and savings by knowing in advance what customers would like and how much they’d like to spend. These savings help everyone but most of all the shops can pass on great deals to you, as a loyal subscriber to their business.

As a Shopper…

Pre-plan your purchases.

Budget an amount to spend
with local suppliers and select delivery or pickup.
Skip the queue or have it delivered within a 15 minute window.
Get the best deal on future purchases without doing the research.


As a  Delivery Driver…

Earn $$ off your groceries by delivering for others on your way home from the shops.

No more waiting for delivery jobs.
Know in advance your delivery schedule. Shoppers can also become a driver.
Get paid to pickup the kids and visit a single shop you normally would. Then drop off some orders for other members and earn $$$


As a Supplier

Lock-in subscribers to your services.

Plan your supply chain around fixed ‘subscriptions’ and grow your repeat business. Shoppers can also become suppliers and help research future purchases for other people (who remain anonymous until they choose a deal).


Support your Local Businesses

It’s important to support your local business don’t you agree? Think of this as a subscription to each local merchant you usually shop at, plus maybe discover a few more you might have been unaware existed in your area.

Freshest produce

Imagine getting the best cuts and the freshest produce from your local suppliers, delivered directly to your door within a 15 minute window!

By using Shopster, our local suppliers can better plan their supply chain. In return, they can offer you their best produce before it even goes on display. 

Local Merchants


Customer Satisfaction

Location (beta)

I earn money when I pick up the kids! Aaaand I don't have to do all the shopping 🙂


– Anna, Albion Park.

Every day soon after I get home there are deliveries of fresh veges and my meat for the night. It costs less than I would spend going and buying it all.


– Brad, Albion Park, NSW.

I have always wanted to use a food delivery service but none of them are as good as Shopster. It supports local businesses.


– Alan, Kieraville, NSW.

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We want to help to make your life easier. Our blog is a great place to get some pretty good life hacks to help with your finances and shopping.

But not just money, tips for stock-piling, what to grow for your climate and season and making bulk meals for family and friends. Our modern age is busy with many challenges, Shopster is here to help alleviate some of that burden by budgeting, averaging out your expenses into one simple payment around your pay cycle and getting you the best products and services.

How to earn money with Shopster

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Benefits for Shop Owners

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Become a Supplier to better plan around regular customers!

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